Use the app Fishy Live!


Our Live app for reporting catches during competition is available to download for free for several types of Smartphones.
The application is built to work on both iPhone/iPad and Android. Search for the word "Fishy Live" or download it via the direct links below:

Here's how to get started

  1. Download and install the app, links to android and apple are above. 
  2. Log in to the app with the 8-digit competition code.
  3. When caught, open the app, take pictures, enter measurements and possibly Other information. Then press send.
  4. In the app you can see if the report has been received by the competition management and after a short while also if it has been approved or (horrible thought) rejected

Regarding login

• After registration (and possibly payment) for a competition you will receive a numeric code (Normally 8 to 10 digits) that you use to log into the app.

• Remember that each competition has its own code, so if you participate in several competitions, you must log out and log in to each competition with different codes.

• In some competitions, the competition organizer can also create a place for you/you in the competition manually, in these cases you will receive the login code directly from the organizer.

• Have you forgotten the code? The organizer can see all the codes in the participant list, so contact them, and you will get it again.

Some good tips…

• If you have a team competition, everyone in the boat can (and should) download the app and log in with the same code, that way you can take turns creating and submitting reports. 

• Feel free to install the app on more phones if you run out of battery in one of them.

• It is not the 8-digit code you should use "in picture" when photographing the fish. Keep the code secret to yourself or within your team. In cases where the organizer applies a number or something else that should be shown on the reports, you will receive it separately.

Flyer with information about the app

Regarding GEO position and GPS

• Position is used by some events to ensure that all competitors stay within the approved area.

• Some (not all) competitions request GPS position when reporting a catch. This position is shared with the organizer only, not other competing teams/individuals. For details on the GPS policy, see the competition information.

• When you install and use the app, you must agree that it can collect your current GPS location.

• The photos submitted are already cleared in the app of all information about where the photo was taken (so-called EXIF information)

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