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Competition participation

How do I get a login code for a competition?

You get it when you register for a competition. If you pay via Fishy, it will come directly and automatically, if you register directly with the organizer, they will send you the code.

How do I create an account?

As a participant in a fishing competition, no user account is needed, it is enough to download the Fishy-Live app and have a login code (see above)

I want to add or remove a participant in competition X, can you do that?

If it does not apply to the Swedish Pike Open or the Swedish Perch Open, we ask you contact the organizer directly, they have both the tools and responsibility to do this.

I want to make a buyback on the registration fee, how do we solve it?

Contact the organizer first. Rules differ between different competitions on how this is handled or possible, the main rule is that refunds only take place if the competition is cancelled.

Can I myself edit or change a submitted report?

No, but the judge can. Contact the organizer and/or judge in the current competition.

I don't want my fish and report to be visible on the web, is it possible to hide it?

Yes, the organizer can hide individual reports if deemed necessary.

Can I participate in several competitions organized by Fishy Live, in parallel?

Yes No problem. Just remember to log out and in with your login code to switch between them.

The Fishy Live service

Does the service work in poor mobile coverage, or even no coverage at all?

The app is made to work well in bad conditions. If you don't have coverage at the moment, the report is put in an "outbox" and sent when you get coverage again. As the system is digital, however, it will require networking at some point, e.g. at login and when the reports are to be sent.

How does the app make sure it doesn't cheat?

The app uses several different measures to prevent cheating and information leakage in fishing competitions. First, there is geolocation (if the organizer chooses this) and timestamp data to ensure that participants are within the designated fishing area and adhere to the tournament timeline. Second, these apps require anglers to submit high-resolution photos of their catches, via the app, which are carefully monitored and verified by judges to prevent photo manipulation or submission of bycatch. Finally, these apps often include privacy settings and encryption protocols to protect sensitive tournament information, such as fishing locations or anglers, from being accessed or shared by unauthorized persons. NOTE: Current geolocation and photo policy settings are set per competition.

Can photos from the gallery be used? Why can't I select photos from the phone's "gallery" (ie photos taken with the phone's camera app?

To prevent the use of old photos, the app can implement measures to ensure that the camera is only accessed through the app itself. This can be achieved by using camera APIs from the operating system, which allow the app to control and restrict camera access outside of its own interface. By implementing this restriction, participants cannot use previously taken photos and need to take and submit new photos directly through the app during the specified fishing period. NOTE: This is a per-contest setting, if images from the phone's gallery should be allowed.

Can't everyone see exactly where my fish was caught by extracting the geo-position from the image's so-called "meta-data"?

No, in order to remove geolocation data from photos for all but the in-app judges, Fishy Live implements a process that automatically removes geolocation metadata from submitted photos before they are displayed or shared. This ensures that entrants' geolocation data remains confidential and only accessible to authorized judges who may need it for verification purposes.

What is the "judge tool" mentioned here and there?

It is a separate, user-friendly app that is made to assess and manage fishing reports. The tools are "live" and interactive, and can also be used in parallel by several judges working together over the Internet. The tool runs in a completely normal browser. In addition to studying capture photos in detail, the app can be used, among other things, to correct, comment, deny or approve reports.

Can I edit my competition settings via the Fishy Live app? Can I judge fish via the Fishy Live app?

No, the free app that in Google's and Apple's app stores has the title "Fishy Live" is only a reporting tool for those who fish. To manage the competition administratively or judge fish, other web-based systems and apps are used.

Do you (Fishy tech or the organizer) collect and share my geo/GPS location where I caught my fish?

This is an approach from competition to competition and the policy is determined by the organizer, see current information about the competition you intend to participate in. Technically, the system can collect and store GPS positions for competition management and judges. However, there is never any sharing of geo/gps information with the public. Note that staff at Fishy Tech Sweden have access to this data, to operate the system and its databases, but of course no right to use or distribute it.

Why is Fishy Live an app and not a website, what are the benefits?

An app-based solution is superior to a regular web-based method for several reasons. First, an app can provide offline functionality, allowing users to access and use the app even without an active Internet connection, which is beneficial for fishing competitions held in remote areas with limited connectivity. Second, an app can use the device's built-in GPS capabilities to provide accurate geolocation data to track locations, ensure accurate tournament compliance, and prevent cheating. Finally, an app can directly access and control the device's camera, enabling real-time capture and submission of photos to the app, reducing the risk of cheating by re-using old photos.

My competition is on a weekend, do you offer support then if something unexpectedly doesn't work?

We are well aware that most fishing competitions take place outside normal "office hours". Even if it is not a regulated part of our agreement, we will of course always do our best to be there to help you as quickly as possible, e.g. via phone or chat.

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