Fishy Live, that's how the system works…

For those of you who compete

Sign in

After registration (and possibly payment), you automatically receive a PIN code via SMS and email that you (and the others in your team) use to log in. You can download the app for free.


In the app, you take photos and enter details about your catch, e.g. height or weight. You get direct feedback on whether the image has been received and approved.


In the app, you can continuously follow the results of the competition and also take part in fishing rules and other information.

• Competitors app that is loaded into a smartphone (iPhone or Android)
• Login for teams or individually. Everyone in the boat can use the team's account at the same time.
• Reporting and photo function directly in the app – no hassle with MMS, SMS, mail or web pages!
• Super stable uploading of images and reports, even with poor mobile coverage.
• Reports with one or more photos, photo instructions, height and/or weight and team member.
• Direct and instant in-app feedback and push updates on when the fishing report is uploaded and submitted, approved by race management or rejected, including comments from race management.
• Reporting works stably even with poor reception with a "queue" where reports are placed
• The app always shows current, updated rules and instructions.
• Current Live table is displayed in the app.
• Possibilities for "darkening" to increase the excitement in the final stage of the competition, with Live table for the competition management but not for the audience and participants.
• News feed from the competition management.

For those of you who arrange

put up

We help you get started and lay out the basics for your competition. Our system supports all types of commonly used competitions and score calculations. You then get your own login so you can change information, rules, etc. to your liking.


Lean back in the armchair and watch as the applications roll in. Our system takes care of everything, from the payment, collection of names, etc., to a place on the participant list. If you have a limited number of places, the system also ensures that not too many sign up.

Approve reports

In our special referee tool, you immediately get a "ping" as soon as a new report comes in. Review the high-resolution images, adjust or comment, and then approve or deny reports. All points are calculated and published automatically.

• An easy-to-use system for the competition management on the web.
• One or more people can work in parallel with approving reports and administering a competition. - sit wherever you want in the whole world!
• Live online for immediate display of new, incoming reports
• Features for approving, rejecting, commenting and adjusting reports (e.g. deduction of length)
• Great possibilities for setting up a competition for your needs, e.g. start times, score calculation, etc
• Online management of the participant list where the starting field places can be moved, edited, reserved, etc
• Automatic score calculation and table publication.
• Opportunities to communicate with the contestants, in the form of mailings and news updates.

Take payment online

Payments & receipts

Our secure payment system helps you manage registration fees. The basic principle is that you only get a place after payment. The customer receives confirmation and a receipt via email, and any VAT is clearly reported.

Payment methods

Today, most people choose to pay with Swish, but we also support card payments. We have already arranged all agreements with banks and Swish, so there is nothing you need to mess with!


Of course, you can manage both registrations and payments on your own, or combined. You may want to enter some contest participants by hand or take payment in some other way.

• Fishy Live is fully integrated with our own payment system!
• Get rid of all the hassle of claiming money in different ways and let the contestants pay themselves, the system has a completely automatic handling of payments that is linked to the registration list.
• No manual handling is needed, the registrations are automatically entered as a place on the participant list, including name, email, telephone, etc.
• Payment is via Swish, Card, Bank, Invoice or PayPal.
• Login code to the app and receipts are sent automatically via email after payment.
• Quick and smooth payment of the money to your account according to

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