About us

About us

Fishy Tech

Fishy Tech Sweden is a pioneering IT company, headquartered in the heart of Sweden's thriving technology scene. Founded by a team of innovative and highly experienced entrepreneurs, anglers and technicians, our mission is to revolutionize the competitive fishing landscape with our groundbreaking app, Fishy Live.

As a Swedish company, Fishy Tech Sweden benefits from the country's well-known commitment to innovation, sustainability and focus on high quality. Our team is passionate about harnessing the power and possibilities of technology to improve the fishing competition experience for both organizers and participants.

Fishy Live

Fishy Live is our state-of-the-art mobile application, designed to make fishing competitions more accessible, efficient and fun for everyone involved. Our app's user-friendly interface, unmatched speed and versatile scoring capabilities set it apart from all other solutions on the market.

We started operations in 2018 and are a limited company registered in Sweden. The company is owned and managed by some of the country's most experienced entrepreneurs and sport fishing entrepreneurs - Jan Olsson (+FishEco), Thomas Abrahamsson (Founder of iFiske.se) and Kåda Development AB.

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