What is always included?

  • ☑ Access to the Fishy Live app for the contestants
  • ☑ Referee tool (Free number of parallel referees)
  • ☑ Professional payment system for registration fees (No extra cost!)
  • ☑ Access to administrative tools
  • ☑ Support and customer service
  • ☑ Own SMS and E-mail sending to those who compete (Without extra charge)
  • ☑ Setting up and configuring the competition via professional staff
  • ☑ Option to sell add-ons, e.g. food & drink, measuring boards, etc

Is your association or club a member of Sportfiskarna?

We are happy to announce that we have established a favorable framework agreement with Sportfiskarna. This collaboration makes it possible for us to offer good discounts on our service to associations and clubs that are affiliated with Sportfiskarna. Discounted prices are stated incl. VAT:

• 35% discount on Team competitions, ie SEK 95 / team and competition.

• 25% discount on Individual competitions, ie SEK 75 / person and competition.

Is the price negotiable?

Contact us if you have e.g. competition series or want to sign a longer or larger contract. For sanctioned DM/SM competitions that are arranged via the Sportfishermen's member associations, there is an existing agreement that gives a preferential price, contact us and we will tell you more!

How do you get paid?

Easy! We help you get paid for the entry to the competition via a professional payment system, then we pay out your money minus our commission for the service. For your security, your money lands in a so-called client funds account where our bank handles your money separately and with increased security.

Combining the cost of the service with the customer's fee ensures transparency and facilitates an uncomplicated transaction between companies.

You also get great security in that you do not get a place in a competition before payment is made, i.e no "trailing" fees which you have to sort out afterwards.


Sounds good huh? We'll help you get started, so don't hesitate to press the button, and we're off!

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