Gunki Iron Perch 2023

Rules (Gunki Iron Perch 2023)

RULES for the GUNKI IRON PERCH competition

The fish may not be "stretched", however the tail fin may be adjusted. Only one hand on the fish, no fingers in the mouth. The fish must be measured with the lip against the end, alternatively with the mouth closed. The picture must be taken from above so that you can clearly see the fish and markings. The measuring board must have a clear end.

Catch picture with bait mandatory.

Whoever catches the 5 longest perches during the period from March 1 until October 31, 2023, wins the competition.

Registrations take place continuously starting from 1 March 2023 until 31 October 2023

The perch must be at least 40cm to be counted.

Recaptures are not counted

No fish caught before the start of the competition count.

Caught fish must be reported no later than 14 days after the day of catch, within the competition date.

The length of the fish is rounded down to the nearest whole cm.

All fish reported must be released, only C&R is allowed.

The perch must be caught on any GUNKI bait (eg Rockstar Bumpy Gamera Peps, G Bump, Boogie Craw….) .

The competition is open to competitors in the following countries: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland.

There will be an administrative cost of SEK 200 to register for the competition, read more about this at FishEco.

Catcher and fish with bait.

Fish against a measuring stick where you can clearly see the length.

As well as the following information:


Full name, address, mobile number.

Which bait the fish took

Length of the fish

Preferably weight

Preferably a short capture story

Preferably in any water

By reporting a fish, you hand over all responsibility for the assessment of the fish's validity to us.

We have the full right to reject fish that we believe do not meet the requirements (unclear photo, unapproved measuring stick, illegally caught fish, etc.)

We have the right to publish pictures of fish & fisherman on our own social media, Fish Eco and other relevant media.

Results etc. are presented continuously on Gunki Scandinavia's Facebook.


We will choose a stage winner and award prizes on the following occasions:


1st ROUND 1/3 – 31/5

2ND ROUND 1/6 – 31/8

3rd ROUND 1/9 – 31/10



Prizes per round (1-3)

1st and 2nd prize goes to the 2 longest individual perches in each round. 3rd prize will be drawn from among all entries.

At the same length, the winner is determined by the longest second fish entered during the same round. At the same length of the second largest fish, the third decides. If they cannot choose a winner then the prize will be drawn.

1st GUNKI cap + box of GUNKI lures (Premium)

2nd GUNKI cap + box of GUNKI lures (Pro)

3rd GUNKI cap + goodie bag with GUNKI lures (Standard). This prize is drawn every month from among the contributions we receive.

Total final prices:


Prizes 1-3 go to those who caught a total of 5 longest perches during the entire competition. Prizes 4 and 5 will be drawn among those who have sent in at least 5 entries. If the total length is the same, the winner is chosen by the longest individual fish.

1st prize participation in a fishing report in the company of Jan O./ Fish Eco and one or more representatives from Team Gunki in the hunt for largemouth bass.

Also a GUNKI STRIPES rod + Gunki reel THG FV + box of GUNKI lures + GUNKI cap.

2nd prize GUNKI STRIPES rod + Gunki reel THG FV + box of GUNKI lures + GUNKI cap.

3rd prize GUNKI STRIPES ROD + box of GUNKI lures + GUNKI cap.

4th prize Assortment of GUNKI lures + GUNKI cap.

5th prize Assortment of GUNKI lures + GUNKI cap.

We reserve the right to make any changes to the price table.

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