FTL Saturday Pike Oct 2020 (Demo Competition)

Rules (FTL Saturday Pike Oct 2020 (Demo competition))

     • The competition uses newly developed app technology and if you find any errors in the system, we gratefully accept feedback, ideas and error reports to info@nullfishytech.biz
     • This is an individual competition, the team consists of 1 person. This person must be the same throughout the competition and may not be replaced.
     • They three the longest pikes (unless the organizer specifies otherwise) give a total length.
     • If the total length is the same, the longest fish decides.
     • Minimum dimensions are 75 cm!
     • Catch and release where all caught pike are immediately, after capture and documentation, released again in a way that is gentle on the fish.
     • Fish must be caught and photo submitted within the competition time frames.
     • Results are based on length in cm and documentation takes place with photography against a ruler or measuring board. Commenced centimeters are rounded down.
     • The ruler or measuring board and the pike must be placed with the right side down and with the nose towards the top, the pike must be placed in such a way that there is no air between the nose and the start of the measuring tool and that the tail fin can be gently pressed together without damaging the fish.
     • When photographing, it must be clearly seen that the nose is against the edge and that the length can be clearly determined.
     • Reel fishing, spin fishing and fly fishing are allowed.
     • Natural baits, trolling or so-called hangers are not permitted.
     • Only fishing with one rod per person is allowed, but you may have more rods fully tackled in the boat.
     • Fishing is only carried out from a boat and disembarking is not permitted except when fulfilling natural needs or in an emergency. When disembarking, all fishing equipment must be left in the boat. 
     • Reports to the competition must refer to a fish caught and reported within the times from the start to the end of the competition. Information in the images may be reviewed to detect possible fraud.
     • All fish must be reported via the "Fishy Live" app which can be downloaded for iPhone and Android phones. Fish must be reported as soon as possible after capture.
     • The race judge reserves the right to deny and cancel a report and also to change the distance entries after reviewing photographs.
     • When the competition management approves the catch, it is registered and displayed on the page. The app and the competition page are updated automatically at www.fishy.nu and you can always follow who has the most centimeters.
     • Changes to the rules may take place during the competition period if the organizers find reason for this. 
     • The competition is organized by Fishy Tech Sweden AB, a company that develops digital products for the sport fishing industry. Jointly owned by iFiske and KlimatPositiv (FishEco) AB.
     • Any profit tax is paid by the winner.
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