DM in trolling Roxen

DM in trolling Roxen

Competition information

 TypePike (Team)


 OrganizerMalexander SFK →
 Arrangement / SeriesDM competitions trolling Malexander
 DM in trolling Roxen
 DM in trolling The Ax
 DM in trolling Soken
 DM in trolling Åsund
 DM in trolling Roxen 2024
 DM in trolling Axningen 2024
 DM in trolling Åsunden 2024
 DM in trolling Lake X 2024
 Competition periodCompleted 2023-05-06 10:00 → 18:00  
 Registration is requiredYes (21 Teams)
 Released 2023-04-08 16:00
 Number of seats21 pcs (10 registered)
 Award(Price data missing) 
 Payment possible during the competition periodNo
 Blackout periodNo
 Fishy Live is usedYes (Download)
 GPS position is savedYes


Malexander Sfk invites to Dm series in pike trolling 2023

Roxen 6/5, Axningen 11/6, Såken 16/9 and Åsunden 7/10) 

Registration fee SEK 1,400 per team/boat is made via The Fishy app/ and via the competition in Roxen.

The registration fee entitles you to participate in all 4 sub-competitions

Complete rules and other information can be found on Malexander Sfk's Blog under the tab DM series pike trolling.

The 3 best sub-competitions out of 4 count for participation in Sm. Lowest sum of seat number etc.

At the same place number, the longest pike is counted. Teams must have completed 3 competitions for a place at the SM.

Prizes at each sub-competition. As well as medals for places 1-3 in the combined final result

The number of participating teams is limited to 21.

Registration opens on 08 April at 16.00. Once 21 Team has registered and paid, the possibility to register is closed.

ATTENTION! The competition is organized entirely on a voluntary basis. All costs that are lower than the paid entry fee are awarded as extra competition prizes. E.g. No need to pay a ramp fee, already have a valid fishing license. The penalty fee is different depending on the number of Teams that come to the start.

Membership in the anglers is required of all who participate in the competition.

The competition is sanctioned by the anglers

Questions Henry 070-20 11 535, Håkan 070 59 77 810

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