Höstgäddan - The Battle of Mälaren 2023

Höstgäddan - The Battle of Mälaren 2023

Welcome to the Battle of Mälaren - Autumn Pike 2023
See the invitation: Here:
Free start, No collection since start since the pandemic years! Been very popular!
all teams get a number, 1 minute before the start, which must be seen on every picture.
Bring tape or pencil to mark on your approved measuring board.

Included in the SPL (SM qualification for a very exciting SM 2024) Don't miss it.

Anglers' regulations apply. 
Local rules apply: There we have decided that live donors/scoop are not allowed on Höstgäddan (foreseeing)

50 meters between each boat applies!

Minimum dimensions: We run in 2023 60 cm as an approved minimum measurement.

Competition information

 TypePike (Team)


 OrganizerStäket's Sport and Fisheries Protection Association →
 Arrangement / SeriesAutumn pike
 Autumn pike 2021
 Autumn pike 2022
 Höstgäddan - The Battle of Mälaren 2023
 Competition periodCompleted 2023-10-29 08:00 → 16:00  
 Registration is requiredYes (100 Teams)
 Released 2023-03-27 12:00
 Number of seats100 pcs (53 registered)
 Award(Price data missing) (Per team)
 Payment possible during the competition periodYes
 Blackout periodNo
 Fishy Live is usedYes (Download)
 GPS position is savedYes


AUTUMN PIKE YOUR NUMBER SHOULD BE VISIBLE IN THE MEASUREMENT PICTURE Write this number on your measuring board or other suitable solution. Dirty fishing, the first cast may be made at 8.00

Big pocket 10Team Raptor 11The Angry Angler 12North Bite 13Team Finess 14Grumpy old pikez 15Team Vazz 16ALFRED ANGLERS 17Blårändena 18Predator Fishing Scandinavia 19Team Shrimp Salad 20SSF Team Busta 21Team Berga Fiske 22Flannel 23Fishing sticks 24Team2spön 25Team North 26Team silverfish 27HDR Fishing 28V badass cut! 29Aros Anglers 30AOF.Jwlures 31Glädjehugget 32Pikeaboo 33Pikeatwo 34Team steket 35Team Tail 36Team shitmört 37The parrots from Högdalen 38Gäddfighten CWC 39Team Noppe 40192 crew 41Team GARBAGE 42Team 70+ 43OK-Beten & PikeQueen 44Pike Insurance 45Team Gäddslem 46Team lANDHOLMsLAx 47Mighty Pike 48Team Snubbarna 49Team Lakemountain 50TEAM BLANKA 51Club Pike 52Team Spinning reel 53Team MKC 54D-Bandz PRO 55Predatorteam Sundbybergs Sportfiske 56Team Luzifer 57Team Ekerö 58Silverhaj 59Team Blue Saints 60Pinglor and Boys 61Team Fishing and Stylez 62


If you have any changes in the team, email calle@nullsvafab.se
ATTENTION! Have you forgotten to enter an SPL id email calle@nullsvafab.se

60cm minimum size !!!
Stäketsundet is closed, Stäkets SF has received information that all passages are closed until November 6.
However, heard that some passed today. We just want to inform about this. You decide what you do.

REQUIREMENTS: FLOATING SUIT, life vest, ursuit, overalls are OK (visible in posing picture), otherwise you have already reported it to the competition management.

pictures and fishy app ! You all got a code, did you carelessly email calle@nullsvafab.se
GPS is turned on for this competition with (so we can check that you are on Mälaren, not exact positioning but approx. 1 km margin of error)
Posing photos visible to everyone so HIDE your surroundings if you want to be a little secretive ;-)

requirement. measurement image and posing image.

Dark period 14.00-16.00

LIVE TRANSMITTERS NOT ALLOWED, IF YOU HAVE ONE IN THE BOAT (then you put a plastic bag over the transmitter or the transmitter cable with a lock.

53 entered in this now, We intend to award prizes to the top 6 teams. Do you think you are good until 4:00 p.m. (or before) take a picture of everyone in the team which we will publish if the results are good! We also give out SEK 2,000 to the person who catches the longest fish, at the same length to the person who catches the fish first.

ALL TEAMS bring tape and pencil, You will be given a number to write on your measuring board (or otherwise show this number on each picture)
These numbers will be sent out via FISHY and published on Stäket's SF Facebook page around 7.55 Sunday morning.

Competition management / Calle has had competitions both Saturday and Sunday. (will be more tired than you who get to fish and have fun) SO prize money will come out on Monday at the earliest.
Results will come Sunday evening ;-)

IN THE EVENT OF A BOAT WRECK This is how you call the sea rescue and you can also message me on 070-6210266 (we don't have the resources to do a towing or similar as Mälaren is big)

Be careful and have fun and SHIT FISHING ON YOURSELF.

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