Northern pike 2023

Rules (Northern Pike 2023)

Rules / Info for the 2023 edition of Norrlandsgäddan.

SPL competition, so join in and collect qualifying points for the SM in pike fishing.

Date and time: 17th June, competition time 08-17

Team competition 2-3 people / team.
Fishing in the same boat.
A number will be sent out before the start, which must be included on measurement images.

The competition area is what is geographically known as Norrland including Dalarna, which we southerners count as Norrland (see picture below if it is unclear, green area is ok)
Optional water as long as you follow Swedish legislation.
Own measuring board must be used and may be checked if we ask for it.

Reporting will take place via the Fishy App and this time we will NOT run any positioning.
So you won't have to give away your hotspots or even water.
Random samples may take place, in which case we will ask that you show in some way that you are within the area.

Several tackled rods may be in the boat.

Minimum dimensions:
Pike 75cm

You measure your 5 longest pikes.

When you have received a full paper, you only report in when there is an increase.
Commenced centimeters are rounded down.
The measuring board must be placed flat and horizontal and the tail fin may be carefully adjusted with a finger but not pressed together as the fish can be damaged, the fish must be placed carefully on the measuring board and you must not pull the fish in its lengthwise direction.
The fish may be held with one or, if necessary, two hands while measurement and documentation takes place, you may not hold one hand on the tail pole (results in a 2 cm deduction). When photographing, it must be clearly seen that the nose is against the edge (otherwise a 2 cm deduction is given) and that the length can be clearly determined.
If the total length is the same, the longest fish decides.

Prize money will be awarded to the top 3 who share the pot
According to this matrix:
Minimum number of teams Prize money:
30 pieces SEK 4500
40 pieces SEK 6,000
50 pieces SEK 10,000
60 pieces SEK 12,000
70 pieces SEK 14,000
80 pieces SEK 18,000
90 pieces SEK 20,000
100 pieces SEK 25,000

Report comes up in the Fishy app continuously during the competition with blacked out results for the last 2 hours.

Facebook page: Norrlandsgäddan

SEK 500/team which is paid via Fishy upon registration to have your place confirmed.
Payment made is not refunded in the event of cancellation, only in the event of cancellation of the competition.

We will open registration for Norrlandspike on 25/2.

Registration takes place on Fishy's page, link coming.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to send a message here, on WhatsApp or via email to

If we do not reach 30 teams, the competition will be canceled and the money refunded unless the already registered teams want otherwise.

All teams compete under their own responsibility and cannot hold the competition management responsible for any events. 
Any sales tax is paid by the winner. 

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