Summer 24 Åland

Rules (Summer 24 Åland)

24 hour fishing competition Åland 2022

C/R Pike fishing competition around the whole of Åland. 

Participants may fish anywhere on any of the publicly accessible fishing license waters that are available via:,,, 

Minimum dimensions: 70cm

The competition starts on Friday 16/6-23 at 16:00 and lasts until 17/6-23 at 16:00.

Delivery of the measuring board at Byggvarhuset Trädgård & Marin 15-16/6 at 8:00-18:00.

Submission of cleaned and dry plan no later than 17:00 17/6-23.

Prize distribution takes place at Byggvarhuset Trädgård & Marin approx. 17:30 17/6-23

     • • 2-3 people per team. Participants must be in the same boat during the competition.
     • One active rod per person may be used during the competition (spare rods may be available).
     • The fish are measured and photographed (via the Fishy app) clearly on the measuring board with the head towards the stop and the right side of the fish towards the board
     • The 5 longest pikes are added together for the total result.
     • Participants themselves are responsible for the right to fish on the fishing waters and must be able to prove this if necessary.
     • Participants themselves are responsible for their own safety.


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