SM in Gädda 2023

Rules (SM in Gädda 2023)

Stäket's SF together with Sportfiskarna greetings to all contestants and sponsors
welcome to SM Gädda 2023 on Mälaren.

Date: Saturday 7 October
Start location: Happy Tammsvik, Ådövägen 5, 197 91 Bro.
Ramp: There is a natural ramp right at the starting point.
Otherwise, the nearest ramps are in Bålsta and Stäket. (Recommended if you have very large boats)

Competition area: The entire Mälaren border at Södertäljebron, Slussen and not Garnsviken at Sigtuna.

Entry fee: SEK 1,500 per team
Registration: NOTE! For qualified teams, not open competition. For all, registration and payment apply at

For all, registration and payment apply at
Click here:

Link to complete invitation to come:  Here:

Fishing ban/Training fishing not OK from and including Tuesday 26 September from all fishing ON SM waters. (reck with echo sounder is ok, no rods in the boat) Of course no live sensors under the rec, all SM perch pike have allowed this in recent years.

Other: PROHIBITION OF PROSPECTIVE LIVE DONORS Banning live donors is Stäket's SF decision, the reason is that Stäket's SF wants such a fair competition as possible and our absolute opinion is that there is a clear majority around this. (today there is no ban for or against) so free for the arranged association to make the right decision) Motions will surely be added that state this until the 2025 competition season (if not before) NOTE! For those of you who cannot take off your live donors, attempts will be made to seal with plastic bags and "strips" that are held by the organizer. A relatively new science around today's technology: But at the moment, these are the live donors that are provisionally prohibited. (there are certainly other makes) But this provides a basic rule for this SM. Other SM and DM are free to do according to the organizer's own opinion. Garmin: Lvs12 Lvs32 Lvs34 Lvs62xr Humminbird: megalive imaging Lowrance: Active target Active target 2

Accommodation: SM is arranged at Happy Tammsvik, Bro Start and finish takes place at this conference facility. Dinner is served Friday and Saturday for those staying at the hotel and registered by 19.00 (allergies are notified to Maria at the email below) NOTE! only those who have booked food at the hotel eat dinner. If you want to join in and mingle and have a drink at the bar, you are most welcome to mingle with like-minded people. For allergies regarding food reservations, contact Mail applies to Booking Hotel and food is closed. Full surveillance takes place at night during the SM weekend, bar and swimming hall will be opened for SM competitors this weekend You can launch your boat at the docks already Friday to gain time when ramping

If you want to launch your boat already on Friday, it's fine, there are no buoys to anchor to. Anchoring takes place along piers, bring fenders so you don't damage your nice boat. Alternatively anchor with an anchor in the stern.
Can be done on Friday. The competition management expects to be on site from about 3.30pm Friday to Sunday morning.

Your boats are monitored at night 
Registration / picking up the board takes place from about 6.40 Saturday morning.

Captain's meeting about 7.30
Competition time 8.00-16.00
Return the board no later than 4:30 p.m

Award ceremony: Will return in due course.

Everyone has received a login code: When you signed up.
Try logging in to already today
(requires measurement image pike, requirement presentation image) Hide your surroundings so you don't reveal your spot.) All presentation images will be viewable on

The competition management

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