DM Abborre Värmland/Dalsland - Kungen av Grann deltävling #1

DM Perch Värmland/Dalsland - The King of Neighbors competition #1

Laxsjöns Sportfiskare invites you to the DM in Perch and qualifiers for SM 2024

In order to have the opportunity to qualify for the SC, it is required that all participants in the Team are members of Sportfiskarna. When registering, enter your name followed by the membership number (Ulf Godtman - 123456789)

Competition info:

District: Värmland/Dalsland

Lake: Grann, Norebyn, Bengtsfors/Dals ED

Fishing method: Spin fishing (incl. jig fishing and dropshot), reel fishing, jerk fishing, fly fishing and pipe fishing are allowed. Natural baits, trolling or so-called hangers are not allowed. 

Organiser: Laxsjöns Sportfiskare

Date: 28th October

Competition branch: Team (2 or 3 participants)

Number of fish: The 5 longest Perches are counted 

Minimum length: 25 cm

Restrictions: Live donor not allowed

Fee: SEK 500/team

Mandatory: Life jacket or equivalent

Deadline for registration: 28/10 at 06:30

Training fishing: No training fishing as a team or individually for those who will participate from the 23rd of October until the start of the competition on the 28th of October


Ramps: Norebyns Cafe & Camp (concrete ramp)

En bild som visar fisk, Fena, tavlaAutomatiskt genererad beskrivningCompetition time: 07:00 – 12:30

Registration of catch: Fishy App

Sonar restrictions: Live donor not allowed!

Start and finish: Norebyn's Cafe & Camp

Food is available for purchase at half time

Toilets are available


"King of Neighbors"

As a competition In the competition, we will sing "Kingen av Grann". Whoever has the overall best result (based on the longest fish) from sub-competition #1 Perch and sub-competition #2 Pike wins the entire pot. The fee to participate in the competition is SEK 100/person, which you swish to 070-3301616 with "Name and Team Name".


Contact: Ulf Godtman, Laxsjöns Sports Fisherman, 070-3301616,

Contest information

 TypePerch (Team)
 PositionGrann - 



Laxsjöns Sportfiskare

 Arrangement / SeriesLaxsjön DM Perch
 DM Perch Värmland/Dalsland - The King of Neighbors competition #1
 DM Perch Värmland/Dalsland 2024 - Råvarp
 Contest periodFinished 2023-10-28 07:00 → 12:30  
 Registration requiredYes    (45 Teams)
 Released 2023-09-14 12:00
 Number of spots45 pcs (11 Signed up)
 Price(Price data missing) (Per team)
 Payment possible during the contestYes
 Blackout periodNo
 Fishy Live is usedYes (Download)
 GPS position is savedYes

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