SPT Part competition 4 Mälaren Aronsborg

SPT Part competition 4 Mälaren Aronsborg

Competition information

 TypePerch (Team)


 OrganizerSwedish Perch Tournament →
 LeagueYes (SPL, Swedish Perch League →)
 Competition periodCompleted 2021-09-11 08:00 → 16:00  
 Registration is requiredYes (50 Teams)
 Released 2021-05-03 12:00
 Number of seats50 pcs (25 registered)
 Award(Price data missing) (Per Team)
 Payment possible during the competition periodNo
 Blackout periodNo
 Fishy Live is usedYes (Download)
 GPS position is savedNo


Hello participating teams!

If you notice that some of your photos are not approved, as they have a "cloud" symbol, it means that you do not have or have had coverage to upload it.

You can try to submit that image again, otherwise wait and it may be that the coverage/system uploads it.

/ SPT Crew

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