Nordic River Pike Open 2022

Nordic River Pike Open 2022

Competition information

 TypePike (Team)
 PlaceLucky harness 


 OrganizerNordic Freshwater Experience →
 Arrangement / SeriesNordic River Pike Open
 Nordic River Pike Open 2021
 Nordic River Pike Open 2022
 LeagueYes (SPL, Swedish Pike League →)
 Competition periodCompleted 2022-08-19 09:00 → 2022-08-20 16:00  
 Registration is requiredYes (50 Teams)
 Released 2022-01-09 19:00
 Number of seats50 pcs (23 registered)
 Award(Price data missing) (Per Team)
 Payment possible during the competition periodNo
 Blackout periodNo
 Fishy Live is usedYes (Download)
 GPS position is savedYes


Don't forget to register fun/odd bycatch or other funny pictures for a chance to win a custom lure from Wulf lures. Shit fishing!

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