Nordic River Pike Open 2022

Rules (Nordic River Pike Open 2022)


Day 1 ends at 17:00 back with measuring board at 18:30!

Day 2 starts at 08:00, ends at 16:00 with a blackout period starting at 12:00. The measuring board must be submitted to the competition management at the reception no later than 17:00

Teams must consist of 2-3 people

     • The 5 longest pikes count.
     • Points system 1 cm = 1 point.
     • If 2 or more teams get the same number of points, the team with the longest fish wins! If the longest fish are also exactly the same length, you go with the second longest, etc.

The anglers' rules for the pike branch apply and must be followed and are available to read here.

Fishing methods


    Permitted methods are spin/reel fishing and fly fishing. All other methods including vertical fishing are not permitted.

     • Only artificial baits may be used. Only barbless hooks are allowed.
     • Only fishing with one rod per person is allowed, but you may have more rods fully tackled in the boat.

Catch & Release

The Nordic River Pike Open is a pure catch & release competition. In other words, ALL pikes must be released back.
Handle the fish as gently as possible!

     • Be well prepared to land the fish (net, tongs, unhooking mat, etc).
     • Land the fish as quickly as possible.
     • Unhook the fish in the water, if this is not possible, lift the fish up and place it on a gentle surface (unhooking mat).
     • Minimize the fish's time above the water surface!
     • If the fish must be weighed, always use a weighing net.

Measurement and Registration

The minimum length for pike registered in the competition is 80 cm.
Fish to be registered in the competition must be photographed in the Fishyapp as follows:

     • 1 picture in with the fish against the measuring board (the fish's mouth against the edge of the measuring board and measuring scale clearly visible). In addition, the start number must be clearly shown on the picture.
     • The pike is added on the right side with the left side visible. (Fins must not be pressed together, no hands on tail fin or tail coil)
     • 1 picture where the catcher holds the fish and the catcher's face is clearly visible and the pike's left side is exposed to the camera. Use the app you downloaded before starting.

Note that it is important that you take clear pictures of the fish, as unclear pictures mean that the fish will not be counted in the competition.
The best thing you can do is zoom in on your camera after you've taken the picture. If you clearly see that the pike is against the top of the measuring board and that the measuring scale is clearly visible down by the tail fin, the picture is certainly sufficient.

NOTE: Location services must be on during the competition and when photographing the catch in order for the fishermen to be approved! This is to avoid cheating!


Results will be continuously updated on the website
The update will stop 4 hours before the end of the competition on Saturday.
The final result is presented during the mandatory dinner.



    All competitors must continuously wear a life jacket, or other flotation garment at all times on the water. This must always be visible on submitted competition photos!


    Applicable sea rules and speed rules must always be followed. In the event of an emergency, contact with the competition management must always take place as soon as possible, and in the case of more serious emergencies and accidents call 112.

     • Speed limit applies when passing another racing boat: Max 5 knots at a distance closer than 50 metres.
     • Persons under the age of 18 must have a guardian / responsible adult with them on the boat.

Equipment that must be in every competition crew

     • Gentle substrate/ unhooking mat for fish handling
     • First aid kit
     • Cutting pliers
     • Measuring board (lost measuring board is charged SEK 500)

Important! The organizer is not responsible for any accidents or damage to persons or property. The organizer has taken out liability insurance for the competition via Sportfiskarna, but each team must ensure its own adequate insurance cover for people and property.

Alcohol or drugs during competition is strictly prohibited and may result in the team being disqualified. Note, the rules can be changed or rules can be added if the competition management sees fit.

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