The spring pike

The spring pike


Competition information

 TypePike (Team)
 PlaceThe measurer 


 OrganizerStäket's Sport and Fisheries Protection Association →
 Arrangement / SeriesThe spring pike
 The spring pike
 The Spring Pike - The Battle of Mälaren!
 Spring Pike - The Battle of Mälaren 2024!
 LeagueYes (SPL, Swedish Pike League →)
 Competition periodCompleted 2022-05-15 08:00 → 16:00  
 Registration is requiredYes (50 Teams)
 Released 2022-03-20 12:00
 Number of seatsFully booked 50 pcs (66 registered)
 Award(Price data missing) (Per Team)
 Payment possible during the competition periodNo
 Blackout periodNo
 Fishy Live is usedYes (Download)
 GPS position is savedYes


Stäket's SF / Vårgäddan,

Saying thanks for today.
Well fought all Teams out on Mälaren today.

Prize will be for top 5 (swish)
As well as whoever gets the longest pike.

Everything will be published tonight, in this app, and all Stäket's SF different pages.

As usual, we want feedback, what was good, what can we do better. Send email to 

See you in autumn (Höstgäddan, SPL Mälaren)


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