Swedish Pike Open - SM i Gädda Individuellt 2022

Rules (Swedish Pike Open - SM in Pike Individually 2022)


Membership in Sportfiskarna mandatory! NOTE Read the rules carefully! No hands on tail coil or tail fin!

- It is allowed to fish in any water within Sweden's borders, the water must be open to everyone via either a fishing license or through the free fishing. It is only allowed to fish with one rod per person, spin fishing or fly fishing. It is only permitted to use artificial baits.

- The competition period for the qualifier is 15 May – 15 September 2021.

- They six fisherman who managed to pull in the most meters of pike five fish during the total qualifying period goes directly to the final at Camp Dragsö.

You can register at any time during the competition period and registration takes place digitally via the competition page at www.fishy.nu.NOTE new from 2022, the fish must be reported at the latest ONE DAY after catch, last day to report fish is 2022-09-15!

The competition page is automatically updated at www.fishy.nu and you can always follow who has the most centimeters.

All fish must be released.

The jury has the sole right to decide which fish are to be approved or not. The jury consists of Jan Olsson and Thomas Abrahamsson. Others may be brought in for consultation.

Register fish and photograph fish

The pike must be photographed together with a measuring tool that makes it easy for the competition management to verify the indicated length. The entire measuring tool must be visible clearly and must not lie on top of the fish. Photograph the fish with the pike's head on the left in the picture. More below! 

Registration via the fish app. NOTE new from 2020, the fish must be reported ONE DAY after catch at the latest!

In order for a fish to be registered, it must be at least 75 cm. Measure the fish in whole centimeters. If it is, for example, 95.7, the declared length will be shortened downwards to 95 cm. Clarification Round down.

NOTE Re-catch may be reported BUT ONLY ONCE and not if the fish is caught on the SAME DAY!

All fish MUST be photographed lying down and in such a way that it is clearly visible that the snout is at zero and that the tail fin is clearly visible against the specified length, otherwise deductions may be made. You MUST use a measuring board with so-called STOP. Take many photos, always with the pike's head to the left of the picture. Also take a posing picture for use in the media. 

The fish may be held with one or, if necessary, two hands while measurement and documentation takes place, one may not hold one hand on the tail coil or tail fin (results in a 2 cm deduction).

We do not approve C&R carpets with a printed measuring stick as a measuring tool. It is up to the competitor to confirm that the measuring tool used is correct. Unclear images are rejected, alternatively an appropriate deduction in cm is made. Controls of registered fish may take place several times during the competition and corrections may be made if the jury deems it appropriate.

When the competition management approves the catch, it is registered and displayed on the page. FishEco freserves the right to use competition photos for advertising the competition in the media.

Changes to the rules may take place during the competition period if the organizers find reason for this. In other respects, the Sportfishermen's rules for PIKE are applied 

 Good luck in this year's Swedish Pike Open!

The competition is organized by FishEco in collaboration with Fishy Tech Sweden AB, a company that develops digital products for the sport fishing industry. 

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