Laxsjön Open Perch 2022 - DM and qualification for SM 2023

Laxsjön Open Perch 2022 - DM and qualification for SM 2023

The competition is open to everyone to enter!

Spinning fishing (incl. jig fishing and dropshot), reel fishing, jerk fishing, fly fishing and pimp fishing are allowed.


However, in order to qualify for the SM and compete for DM medals, you must be a member of the Sportfiskarna!


The cost of becoming a member is only SEK 35 a month! You can become a member via this link 



If you are a member of Sportfiskarna, you enter your membership number (seven digits) after your last name when you register for the competition.

(Anna Andersson 1234567, Bengt Bengtsson 9876543, Johan Johansson 6543210)

If you have already registered and subsequently become members of the Sportfiskarna, please notify the competition leader via E-mail ( and your registration will be updated.


General info

  • Captain's meeting 07:45
  • Come in good time!
  • At least one person from each team must attend the captain's meeting - Missed meeting means washing up!
  • Measuring boards are distributed from 06:45 (Laxsjöns Camping's guest harbour)
  • As the number of berths is limited, the person/s who are not at the captain's meeting must be in the boat outside the starting area
  • Joint start after the captain's meeting (after signal)
  • Trailer parking only at Laxsjöns Camping ( )
  • Ramp Dals Långed ( 58.9375, 12.2855 )
  • Ramp Billingsfors ( 58.9777, 12.2506 )
  • Registration of fish ends at 16:00
  • Prize distribution takes place as soon as possible after the end of the competition up at Laxsjöns Camping
  • Cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and whoever gets the longest fish (at the same length, the second largest fish counts, etc.)
  • No restrictions regarding the type of transducer or echo sounder


Competition information

 TypePerch (Team)


 OrganizerFTG Laxsjön Open →
 Competition periodCompleted 2022-09-18 08:00 → 16:00  
 Registration is requiredYes (25 Teams)
 Released 2022-08-08 20:00
 Number of seats25 pcs (16 registered)
 Award(Price data missing) (Per Team)
 Payment possible during the competition periodNo
 Blackout periodNo
 Fishy Live is usedYes (Download)
 GPS position is savedYes

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