SM in Kayak 2022

Rules (SM in Kayak 2022)

Rules Kayak
It is always allowed to break the rules if it is to save the life of a colleague in need!
Correct and pleasant behavior in a comradely spirit and to adhere to the regulations.
The rules basically follow the rules for the branch.

A life jacket or life suit is always mandatory.
A dry suit is mandatory during the period Oct-Apr and must be worn for the entire time you are staying
the water.
Numbered measuring board must be picked up in the morning and kept for the entire time fishing is in progress. When
fishing is finished, the measuring board must be returned as proof that you are back. We are coming too
start searching for the person whose not returned. 
Competitors are advised to bring a hook cutter, in case of bad luck.
Competitors are recommended to bring a first aid cushion or similar.
Competition time plus any paddling out and paddling times and deadline for submission of measuring board/catch card will be announced by the race leader. Measuring board/catch card must be left by the competitor himself. Late submission will result in disqualification.
If minimum measurements are applied, this will be announced by the race leader.
Which species count as well.
Permitted fishing methods as well.
The competition director shows before the competition how fish should be photographed against the measuring board

All fish must be caught and landed from inside the kayak
All measurements must be made on the water in the kayak. Help from fellow contestants is allowed, however, the photography must be done with the contestant's own camera.
Help from outsiders who are not part of the competition is not permitted.
After the photography, the recommendation is to release the fish safely.
The measurement you get must be rounded down to the next whole centimeter. That is, 28.2 = 28 and 28.9 is also =28 cm.
Numbers on the measuring board must be fully visible for the fish to be counted.


The use of mobile phones is permitted unless the race management has notified otherwise before the start.

All protests must be in writing and received by the competition management no later than 30 minutes after the deadline for submitting the measuring board/catch card.
Fishing ban:
Fishing bans in the competition area may apply. Something that the organizer informs about in the invitation, the contestants are obliged to find the information themselves and comply with this.
The competition management reserves the right to change the rules if necessary.

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