Kayak angler of the year - Lake X Gävle

Rules (Kayak angler of the year - Lake X Gävle)

Fishing rules for Lake X:
The contestants solve fishing licenses themselves.
Only hand gear fishing allowed.
Sonar allowed.
Live donor not allowed.
Electric motor not allowed.

Rules Kayak Fisherman of the Year 2023

Updated 11/1 2023


Correct and pleasant behavior in a comradely spirit and to adhere to the regulations.


Mandatory safety equipment which must be included in the kayak:

Compass (The one in the phone is ok). Knife. Hook cutter. Whistle. Water. First aid, (plaster, wound wash). Phone. Pedal kayaks must have a paddle as well. Life jacket/Floating clothing. 

A life jacket or similar is mandatory and must be worn for the entire time you are on the water.

The angler must ensure that he has valid insurance and everyone participates at their own risk.


We follow the "law of the sea", such as carrying lanterns, alcohol on the lake, etc. Anchoring or fishing in a fairway is also not recommended.

In general, kayaks with electric motors/engines/sails may not be used. If you have an electric motor due to health problems, you apply for a dispensation from the competition management.

In the year 2023, we will have slightly different forms of competition where the rules vary regarding Live donors, electric motors, etc. so keep an eye on each competition for what applies.

Collection and briefing before the start is compulsory attendance at Any local rules may apply and the contestants must then be informed of this.

Late arrivals will be penalized with 2 cm per minute. If the delay is more than 15 minutes, the competitor will be disqualified from the entire competition.

Minimum measurements will not be applied, all the fish caught that we want to include in the competition must be photographed on the intended measuring board.

Fishing methods:

Only hand gear in the form of rod and reel and artificial baits.

Trolling is not allowed. (Keep an eye on the respective competition for what applies).

Fragrances, those available on the market may be used.

All fish must be caught and landed from inside the kayak.

All measurements must be done on the water in the kayak, however, if you catch a larger fish such as a pike, you must go ashore to measure and take photos.

Help from fellow contestants is allowed, however, the photography must be done with the contestant's own camera/phone.

We must keep a distance of at least 30m between the competitors.

You may bring and use your own paws. There must not be any hook/hooks/propellers/hangers or similar between the bait and the rod.


After the photography, the fish must be released safely and the competitor is responsible for the well-being of the fish.

All photography must be done with a digital camera/mobile phone.

Own measuring board may be used, recommended, presented before to the competition management

The image must be clear and the markings on the measuring board must be legible.

The whole fish MUST be visible in the picture. The hand is allowed to be over the fish as long as it does not obscure the head or tail fin.

The images must not be manipulated in any way.

The fish must lie with the edge of the measuring board and the head end must be at 0 cm.

The measurement you get must be rounded up to the next whole centimeter. That is, 28.2 = 29 and 28.9 is also =29 cm.


All protests must be in writing and received by the competition management no later than 30 minutes after the end of fishing time.

In the event of a breach of the rules, the following penalties may be awarded:

a)       A maximum deduction from today's catch of 75 cm.

b)      Disqualification in the competition.

c)       Cm deduction. E.g. if you don't fit the time for the safety briefing/captain's meeting.


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