SM in Perch 2023 decided!

SM in Perch 2023 decided! The competition was held at Laxsjön in Dalsland with Laxsjöns Sportfiskare as the organizer. A total of 45 teams that qualified via the Swedish Perch League and DM around the country took part.

The conditions were really nice with about 18 degrees in the air and mostly sun with some white clouds that broke off. The fishing started with a rush of perch until about half past ten. At the start of the blackout period, Team Kaos (Jimmy Eriksson, Tomas Damberg, Charlie Kordes) had connected the catch with 221 cm and the competition's second longest fish 47 cm, closely followed by seasoned Team Högvarv (Niklas Pettersson, Austin Jonsson, Viktor Wallin) at 196 cm. Third place was held by Team Ulricehamns Fritidsfiskare NMV (Mattias Lundberg, Vigor Bohman, Norton Mönhage Karlsson) at 196 cm.

At 1600 the competition ended and we could state that Team Kao's strong opening lasted the entire competition! With the suite 47444443 and 43 cm a total of 221 cm was measured Team Kaos to Swedish champion in Perch 2023!

Team Jaktia Jönköping came second (Anton Midborg, Stefan Persson, Jonas Granklint) who fished terribly the second half of the competition and fished a total of 211 cm.

In third place and actually for the third time finished Team High Speed (Niklas Pettersson, Austin Jonsson, Viktor Wallin) with 207 cm!

Big congratulations to all award winners and big thanks to Ulf Godtman and Laxsjöns Sportfiskare for a really nice and well-organized SM 2023! All results and pictures are available at!

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