The standings in the Swedish Ice Pike Open!

The standings in the Swedish Ice Pike Open! There has been a lot of fishing during the Christmas break and several nice pike have been approved in SIPO, this is how the standings in the competition look before the new year!

For some time we have had Team VMD with Mattias Lindberg, Viktor Dehner and Daniel Englund in the lead with a fine 568 cm and a 122nd as top fish, not bad! In second place we find Team OverClass fishing with Messrs. Andreas Rosenberg, Oskar Wiik and Jonathan Andersson. Together they have fished a total of 504 cm.

From below come several good teams, for example Team Slaklina and Team Infamous, the latter team has a 120 on top and one fish left to full paper, they can be dangerous! All results are here!

Happy New Year to all of you who are struggling during the New Year's holiday, Skitfishing and Happy New Year!

About SIPO! The competition takes place in collaboration with BIOS/ IFISH which is the main sponsor, contributes several prizes. All reporting of fish and registration of teams takes place via the app Fishy Live and the competition can be followed continuously

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