Swedish Ice Pike Open 2024 decided!

Then it was time to summarize the Swedish Ice Pike Open 2024 and to congratulate the winning team on a real feat!

This year's Ice Pike Open was won by Team VMD, Mattias Lindberg, Viktor Dehner and Daniel Englund! Together they managed to fish together a dream result, a total of 602 cm spread over 122122121119 and 118 cm pike. Passing 600 cm in one season is more than most of us "ordinary" anglers manage in a lifetime! Great fishing and big congratulations!

In second place came Team OFC, Kristoffer hard, Johan stenberg and Fredrik Dahlström which together fished a total of 596 cm distributed on 122120119118 and 117 cm. Even that is a really good result at any competition in the whole of Europe. Congratulations!

In third place we find Team Infamous, Patrik Nilsson and Andrè Pahlstad. These two gentlemen fished a total of 582 cm of pike, 120120115114 and 113 cm. Even that world class! Good there!

During the competition, a total of 10 pikes of 120 cm or more were caught Lars Bysell's dream pike of 136 cm and 18400 grams. You can find all results and fish at Fishy.

Thanks to BIOS/IFISH who for several years stood up as a sponsor for SIPO and once again incredibly good fishing by the teams, see you again next year!

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