Welcome to Sea Trout Meeting Åland 2023!

Welcome to Käringsund Resort & Conference, Eckerö for Sea Trout Meeting Åland 2023! Havoringsträff Åland is a 24-hour competition where the participants themselves choose when and where they fish.

The teams pick up their measuring board in advance (Wednesday – Friday) from Byggvarhuset or from Käringsund on Friday from 15.00. The competition starts at 16.00 and lasts for one day, i.e. until Saturday at 16.00. The measuring board must be handed in no later than 16.45 to the competition office at Käringsund Resort & Conference, where the award ceremony and After Fish will be arranged on Saturday from approx. 17.00. Reporting of catches takes place continuously during the 24-hour competition!

The competition takes place Friday 21.4 at 16.00 – Saturday 22.4 at 16.00 followed by prize giving, dinner and sauna (see After Fish 2023)

Some new changes to the competition are being made this year, including fishing from shore. The event will continue to grow into a larger, well-established event that already welcomes participants from both home and away!

After Fish 2023: After the competition, an award ceremony and joint dinner will be organized (schnitzel + beer can be pre-booked for €20) at Käringsund Resort & Conference! Accommodation can also be booked at the resort! If there is interest, the beach sauna is hot from 18.00 for the participants in Sea Trout Meeting Åland 2023!

More information and REGISTRATION at www.trollingtraff.ax/havsoringstraff/

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