SM in Kayak 2023

SM in Kayak 2023

Welcome to the SM in Kayak 2023!

Start location: Bålsta, Kalmarsandsviken, start below the Aronsborg conference facility.

The piers at Forsells väg. Double ramps are available at Forsells väg

Please note that equipment (car+trailer) will be parked at Arosvägen 2 outside the forge as well as public parking

opposite. Those of you who are going to trail do this with advantage 06.30-07.00.

The competition is administered before, during and after in the Fishy app

Competition information

 TypeMix (Perch+Pike)


 OrganizerThe anglers →
 Arrangement / SeriesSportfiskarna Kayak competitions
 SM in Kayak 2022
 SM in Kayak 2023
 Competition periodCompleted 2023-10-28 08:00 → 14:00  
 Registration is requiredYes (Unlimited number of teams)
 Released 2023-08-28 19:00
 Number of seatsUnlimited (13 registered)
 Award(Price information missing) (Lunch included per person)
 Payment possible during the competition periodNo
 Blackout periodNo
 Fishy Live is usedYes (Download)
 GPS position is savedNo

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