Swedish Ice Pike Open 2021-2022

Rules (Swedish Ice Pike Open 2021-2022)

Main sponsor IFISH BIOS 

     • Pike team competition, 1-3 people per team!
     • Fee SEK 200 per team!
     • Fish wherever you want throughout Sweden
     • Catch and release.
     • Minimum size 90 cm.
     • Five longest pikes count
     • The team must fish together, so cannot be on or report from different waters on the same day
     • The team must not be fully equipped on every fishing occasion
     • Competition time 1 December - 30 April
     • Approved gear rod and reel (not angeldon)
     • Max 8 rods per person in the team
     • Fish caught at temp below -10 celsius must not be registered (gentlemen's agreement)
     •  The pike is measured LYING, not hanging at an angle, with soft ground (important pikes lying on snow or ice are rejected) with separate measuring tool with "stop" OBS mats' own measurement stickers are NOT approved. It must be clear that the fish's lip is against the stop!
     •  The fish should lie with its head to the left and belly down!
     •  Fthe ice and the eyes of the fish must be liquefied at minus degrees during measurement.
     • If there are any uncertainties regarding reported fish, these can be deducted in cm or rejected completely!
     • Recaptures sheep not reported. A single individual can therefore only be registered once!
     • Registration must take place as soon as possible and must be done no later than one week after capture
     •  Consider safety! Do not go out on ice without ice spikes, safety lines and some kind of floatation suit/vest/dry suit!
     • NOTE changes or additions in rules can take place while the competition is in progress if the competition management (Fishy Tech) believes it must happen!

All competition is at your own risk, the organizer assumes that all contestants comply with legislation and local fishing regulations and take care of the necessary permits and fishing licenses! Ev. profit tax is paid by winners!

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