Norwegian Trout Open 2022

Rules (Norwegian Trout Open 2022)

Participation and registration takes place through the FISHY.NU app

The competition is valid throughout Norway from May 1 to September 15

This is a pole fishing competition. Otters, nets and other stationary gear are not counted. With dorging, you are allowed a maximum of two rods

This is a fishing competition for inland trout. We do not accept catches from streams with registered large trout strains, such as Storsjøen, Mjøsa, Randsfjorden, etc. List of these streams can be found here:

Local fishing rules must be followed and the minimum size for registration is 25cm. As for the other minimum size rules where you fish, these rules must of course be followed.

We encourage Fang og Forvalt (C&R) especially on larger fisheries that are of great use for future production in the water/river.

Fish must be registered no later than 14 days after capture and no later than 15 September.

You can replace fish until the end of the competition, but it is the 5 longest fish that count. The most cm at the end of the competition is what counts

You register the catch in the app:

     • When registering a catch, both a measuring tape picture and a posing picture must be taken
     • The fish must lie by the measuring tape, with its mouth at zero and visible tail in normal position.
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