November The Pike

Rules (November Pike)

NOTE, Friend competition!

You will receive a code sent in the morning by SMS to the team leader at the clock 08:00 which must be visible on all measurement images for the reporting to be approved. (Solve with paper and pencil or a mobile phone, just so it's clear!) Measurement stickers can be picked up at House Of Martens no later than 21/10

Fishing starts at 08:00, the competition ends at 17:00.
Darkening from 14:00

The fish must be photographed directly from above.
The fish may be held with one or, if necessary, two hands while measurement and documentation takes place, you may not hold one hand on the fishing pole (results in a 2cm deduction) 

When taking pictures, you must clearly see that the nose is against the edge (otherwise a 2cm deduction is given) and that the length can be clearly determined.

#Any water, don't forget to check if a fishing license is required in the lake you choose to fish in.
#These are the 3 longest pikes that apply.
#Max 3 participants per boat.
#Only spin fishing from a boat, no trolling or other equipment.
#Everyone in the team must be in the same boat, not separate boats.
#70cm minimum dimensions of the pikes

Prize money for the winning team and the longest pike during the competition.
The prize money will be presented when all teams are registered.


The organizer is not responsible for any deaths, accidents or injuries.

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