King of Kanalen - Street Perch Open 2022

Rules (King of Kanalen - Street Perch Open 2022)

     • The 5 longest perches total length is counted (min. measurement 35 cm).
     • Fishing takes place only with hand gear.
     • Only artificial baits may be used, no live baits (ie NOT worms, fish, maggots, etc.)
     • The fish is photographed against measuring board C&R.
     • Only the official measuring board for this competition, which can be picked up from the Sportfishing giant's store, is approved. 
     • Fishing only in Malmö Kanal, Malmö and fishing from bridges is prohibited.
     • Reporting only via Fishy Live (app for android/Iphone), only photos taken via fishy's photo system are approved.
     • The fish may not be "stretched", however the tail fin may be adjusted. Only one hand on the fish, no fingers in the mouth.
     • The fish must be measured with the upper lip against the end, alternatively with the mouth closed. The photo must be taken from above so that you can clearly see the fish and markings. The measuring board must have a clear end.
     • The tail fin may be brought together.
     • Unclear images will NOT be approved so be careful with this! Note that it is important that you take clear pictures of the fish, as unclear pictures mean that the fish will not be counted in the competition.
     • If exactly equal, the first reported longest counts as the decisive fish.
     • Photo of the competition's measuring board where the length is clearly visible.
     • The fish is only measured in whole cm, which is rounded down.
     • No hands in front of the gills of the fish. 
     • The competition controller decides whether the fish has an approved measurement image and posing image for the competition.
     • Caught fish must be reported immediately, but no later than on the day of catch.
     • No fish caught before the start of the competition count.
     • Location services must be on in the app during the competition and when photographing the catch in order for the fishermen to be approved! This is to avoid cheating!
     • Any protests must reach the competition management no later than 1 hour after the end of the competition.
     • All decisions from the competition management are final.
     • The competition organizers reserve the right to use the participants' captured images for their own use.

Rules can be changed and or time added at any time if the competition management deems it appropriate

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