Swedish Perch Open 2023

Rules (Swedish Perch Open 2023)

Rules Swedish Perch Open 2023

     • The fish must be reported at the time of catch! You must not delay. 
     •  The perch must be measured against a measuring board with so-called stop and be photographed directly from above. Only one hand on the fish but preferably none. No part of the hand may be near the head or tail coil. The fish must not be stretched either in the mouth or the tail part, but the tail fin can be adjusted before the picture. If stretching is suspected, the fish is disqualified and the participant risks suspension from the competition. In other cases of mishandling, a minimum of two cm is removed from everything the fish is washed.
     •  Only reporting via the Fishy Live app is accepted. It is only possible to register fish via the Fishy Live App and the app's camera function, images from other galleries cannot be registered.
     • The fish must always have its mouth to the left of the measuring board and its belly down, all cm measurements must be clearly visible. All cm are rounded down! That is, 49.5 is 49 cm.
     • An individual may only be counted once, so-called recaptures may not be registered!
     • When ice fishing in freezing temperatures, the fish must not lie in snow or ice and the fish must always be scooped with water.
     • In total, the 10 longest perches per person count!
     • Minimum size 40 cm.
     • Competition period 17th December 2022 to 31st October 2023, only fish caught in Swedish waters can be entered!
     • Permitted fishing methods are: Pimple, reel and spinning and fly fishing (not trolling) from land or boat!
     • Only artificial baits allowed.

The competition management reserves the right to change or add rules for any reason and at any time!

The competition's main sponsor is Armada Tackle and Rapala.

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