The final of the Year's Kayak Fisherman decided in Skara!

The final of the Year's Kayak Fisherman decided in Skara! Kayak fishing is increasing in Sweden and Europe and has practitioners who really specialize in the many advantages of kayak fishing. This weekend the finals of Kayak Fisherman of the Year were held! Here comes the report!

- Then the final of the Kayak Angler of the Year is over and at the top of the podium came Emil Randemo with an impressive 320 cm spread over 3 pikes and 5 perches. Emil was the only one who filled out the paper. 2nd came Lars Lundberg at 293 cm and 3rd Pär Norman at 218 cm. During the year there have been kayak fishing competitions around Sweden where the participants have qualified for the final.

We in the competition management want to create competitions where you as a fisherman develop and are forced to think outside the box and that was the case this weekend in Skara. Participants were NOT allowed to bring their own baits.

Only tackle, jig heads and the like. At the captain's meeting, they found out that they would have 15 minutes to buy their own baits in the Gofish store with a maximum sum of SEK 400. Full of panic and stressed fishermen ran around the store to find baits for perch and pike. The participants also did not know which lakes were included in the competition.

1: Emil Randemo 320 cm Pike: 90,57,55. Perch: 36,23,22,20,17cm.

2: Lars Lundberg 293 cm Pike: 77.43 Perch: 43,38,35,29,28 cm.

3: Pär Norman 218 cm Pike: 72,67,62 Perch: 17cm.

We knew that the competition water held big perch and some really nice perch came up, the biggest was Roger with a: 46 cm closely followed by Lars: 43 cm and Cherdsin with a 41 cm perch.

On the pike side, Tobbe took the lead with a nice 91 cm pike, followed by Emil with a 90 cm and Anton Rådh 83 cm. All results and fish from the finals and sub-competitions are available at!

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