Many new fish in the Swedish Perch Open!

Many new fish in the Swedish Perch Open! It is noticeable that the ice is disappearing at a furious rate! Now more and more perch are coming from open water!

This nice perch of 47 cm was taken by Mats Ek the other day, with it Mats is now in sixth place with 441 cm! The results from these dedicated perch anglers at the top are already impressive, below you will find the top three.

PlacePointNamePartial results
1475 cmMalmö Perch Hunters (Sinisa Vrkljan)504949494747464646 and 46
2466 cmTobbe_larsson_fishing (Torbjörn Larsson)504947474746464644 and 44
3453 cmPer Olsson (Per Olsson)474747464646454542 and 42

About the Swedish Perch Open. Compete where you want, when you want, between 17 December 2022 to the end of October 2023! Catches are reported using the Fishy Live app and the results are published continuously on our website. The first prize is SEK 10,000 in cash! Monthly prizes are awarded to the longest fish from our main sponsor  Armada Tackle and spring sponsor RapalaMore info and registration at!

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