The Swedish Ice Pike Open was decided with record results!

Then it was time to crown the winners of the Swedish Ice Pike Open! For five months there has been competition in the nationwide competition SIPO and what fantastic pike have been caught.

A total of twenty-six teams and sixty-seven people have participated and the results are truly incredible. We of course pay tribute to the winning team Team Vikapojkarna with Kalle Matsson, Anton Johansson and Mattias Heens who we see in the first picture and who take home the competition for the second year in a row! In total, the gentlemen have fished together a suite of pike that is already legendary, 619 cm distributed on 132127124120 and 116 cm. Big congratulations and super well done! The question is whether this result can be beaten!

In second place we have yet another team that has participated before, Team Slumpgäddan with Teo Bomark in the picture above and Thomas Bomark who fished a total of 579 cm with the suite 119117116114 and 113 cm. Crazy good fishing and a real improvement from last year's sixth place. Congratulations!

In third place we have Team One of the favorite teams, perhaps the funniest team name this year. Here we find Micke Snabel and Andy Lo who fished a total of 577 cm spread over 122117115112 and 111 cm. Congratulations!

All results and all pictures are available at! Thank you to everyone who took part this year, of course the competition will return in December, we hope to see all the teams back and maybe even more! Thanks to our hmain sponsor for SIPO 2022 is IFISH for great prices!

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