Latest news from the Swedish Perch Open!

Then it was time for an update in the Swedish Perch Open. The autumn season has started incredibly well with loads of long perch recorded.

First of all, we can state that Tobbe Larsson is approaching his fantastic result from last year, when he finished at a magical 505 cm. Right now and in the lead, he has fished a total of 504 cm. A result that can actually take a lifetime to achieve, Tobbe does it in one season, incredibly skillfully and we know that it takes many days of fishing to get here!

In second place we find Mattias Arvidsson who also fished crazy well, seven out of ten perches of 50 cm and over, good there! In third place and relatively new to the top, we find Oscar Nilsson at 492 cm. He seems to be in good shape, maybe he will be really dangerous in the future.

A total of 31 perches of 50 cm and over have been registered in the competition, the best fish is Jens Byholm's, a whopping 52 cm! Good fishing everyone! Here is the complete list of results!

About the Swedish Perch Open. Compete where you want, when you want, between 17 December 2022 to the end of October 2023! Catches are reported using the Fishy Live app and the results are published continuously on our website. The first prize is SEK 10,000 in gift cards from Söder Sportfiske! Monthly prizes are awarded to the longest fish from our main sponsor  Armada Tackle and spring sponsor RapalaMore info and registration at!

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