Swedish pike 2023 spring decided - Congratulations Team Ouff!

The SverigeGäddan is the competition that gives 100 percent back to the fishery, now this year's spring competition has been decided. Competition general Kim Sahlström reports

- Here below you can see the top 3 positions for today's competition, the remaining list is now available to view www.SverigeGaddan.com. Huge CONGRATULATIONS to the winning team Team Ouff with a CRAZY result of 339cm.

Big CONGRATULATIONS to the longest pike going to Team KD Pike Fisher (120cm).

Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 teams as well as to the person who caught the longest pike. We will contact the winners to send prizes, we will contact you early next week for more information. Also want to give a huge thank you to Fishy sif made it incredibly smooth for us to handle payments, reports etc. This has made our lives enormously easier. THANKS!

Thank you once again to everyone who participated and entered the competition, we are all participating and contributing to something good while we get to have a little fun! We must also not forget to thank our fantastic sponsors who make it possible for us to have a prize table for this competition. THANKS!

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