The Vänner Big Three Trolling Cup III

Rules (Vänern Big Three Trolling Cup III)

Only trolling on Lake Vänern's public waters.

Competition time 2023-05-13 -- 2024-05-12. The results are "blacked out" from 2024-04-22 so we get a little excitement in the closing stages....

The registration fee must be paid before you leave port. Of the registration fee of SEK 500, SEK 400 goes to smolt!

One login per team captain, free number of fellow fishermen. The team captain must always be in place in the boat when fishing, it does not matter who in the boat drilled the fish in question, trolling is a team effort! You can of course enter the names of your "regular" teammates when registering, the posing pictures will be more fun then. You can also add a participant that you call "no name".

Free Vänerhamn

Score calculation: The total length of the team's longest salmon + longest trout + longest walleye.

Minimum dimensions (salmon and trout): Minimum measurement for fin-clipped/farmed salmon and fin-clipped/farmed trout is 62 cm with "not pinched" tail fin and mouth closed, the fish must lie straight on the measuring board. Wild/not finned, salmon and trout, is protected and therefore may not be reported.

Minimum dimensions (goose): Minimum measurement for zander is 50cm with "not pinched" tail fin and mouth closed, the fish must lie straight on the measuring board.

Score calculation: The length of each fish is rounded down to the nearest whole cm. All three species give 1 point per cm.

If two or more teams get the same final score, the team that got their final score first, i.e. the fastest to register the last scoring species in their "big three", wins.

The same principle applies to the species winner, if two or more teams get the same length of their longest fish in a species, the team that registered their fish first wins.

Reporting: All reporting takes place in the app"Fishy Live”, reporting must take place as soon as the fish is caught and out on the lake. You can "upgrade" in each species when you have caught a longer fish.

NOTE - make sure you have the latest version of the app (currently version 1.3.2) - NOTE

In the app (at least) two pictures must be submitted (per fish), The fish must be fed and reported out on the lake.

Measuring board must be equipped with a ruler

Please indicate in the comments field for each reported salmon whether the right pelvic fin is clipped or not (=fish set by Fortum), this information is important for the administration!

1, Fish against measuring board (measuring board not provided) where you can clearly see the entire length of the fish. The measuring board must lie flat and be equipped with a "stop". The fish's nose should lie against the "stop" with its mouth closed. The fish should lie with the head to the left and the belly downwards, it should be possible to see that the adipose fin, on salmon and trout, is cut in the picture. The fish should lie straight on the measuring board.

Since "measuring stickers" vary, the measuring load must be supplemented with a ruler, the entire ruler must be visible in the picture.

All fish must lie straight on the measuring board with the mouth closed and the tail fin "not pinched".

Salmon and trout must be killed before measurement.

Gos may be reintroduced so it may therefore be "held down" against the measuring board, but also the pikeperch's mouth must be closed and the tail fin must not be pinched.

2, Posing picture on fish and catcher.

3, Any image 

Enter "buddy fishing": If the captain of team #1 is out trolling with the captain of team #2 in team #2's boat, each fish caught may only be registered in one of the teams. If, for example, a large trout of 85cm and a large salmon of 92cm are caught, both of these fish can either be registered on team #1, or on team #2. Alternatively, the trout is registered on team #1 and the salmon on team #2 or vice versa. Exactly how you register the catch when "buddy fishing" is up to you, but MAX ONE REGISTRATION PER FISH CAUGHT!

Award ceremony: Announced on the competition's social media. Gift cards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd and gift cards for the largest fish in each species. The raffle prize that will be drawn among the teams that have reported approved fish in all three species will be presented shortly.

Exclusion: Competition participants who violate the competition regulations or current regulations for fishing and shipping will be excluded from the competition. The competition management has the right to inspect participating boats for reasons of safety, gear and catching and possibly refuse participation in the competition.

Competition management: Competition leader: Fredrik Andersson, Bitr. Competition manager: Sten-Gunnar Steénson

Other regulations: Salmon and trout reported in the app must be killed, so that "catch and release" of salmonids must be carried out as quickly and gently as possible. Both measuring and photographing against a measuring board and taking a posing picture of the catcher and fish is not to be considered hasty and gentle.

Walleyes can be re-released, but be careful not to stress a walleye too much if you intend to re-release it. Walleye is an excellent food fish, why not take the opportunity to enjoy the walleye on the dining table if you catch a nice food fish!

Bait limit: 10 baits per boat.

The competition area is the whole of Lake Vänern on public water, take into account any special rules in nature parks, for example Djurö. The only approved fishing method is trolling. 


Clarification regarding trolling vs. float trolling

Float trolling is an approved method provided that:

1, The bait fish is dead.

2, The boat must be propelled with a motor (electric motor or internal combustion engine), the boat must not stand still as this is a trolling competition, not a fishing competition.

It doesn't matter if a dead bait fish is in a bait head where the line is attached to a paravan/planerboard line clamp and is pulled forward slowly after a boat or if the dead bait fish is attached to a hook tackle where the line is attached to a float and is slowly pulled forward after a boat.

Keep in mind that the zander is protected in some areas in the spring,

ATTENTION! Planner board must be equipped with flags, Ghost screens and the like may be used without flags but with the observance of caution. Even floats may be used without flags but with the observance of caution.

The rules may be adjusted during the competition period if necessary


Thanks for you is involved and contributes to more smolt in Lake Vänern!

The smolt is set at Kinnekulle Camping in Kinneviken, Vänern.



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