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Rules (SPT Part Competition 1 Bottom)

1. General
2. Sub-competition
3.Cup & points
4. Notification
5. Photography
6. Captures and reporting
7. Permitted fishing methods
8. Security
9. Schedule and times

1. General

1:1 - Violations result in disqualification

If participants break the rules, the competition management can unanimously decide on disqualification and exclude the team. The disqualification applies to both the sub-competition and the cup. Disqualification cannot be appealed.

If suspected cheating or fraud should occur during the sub-competitions, it must be reported immediately to the competition management. The suspected cheating shall documented in the form of photo or film documentation. As the competition management needs documentation that proves the alleged cheating in order to be able to make decisions.

Decisions on disqualification are made per competition day and the matter is concluded on the spot the same day.

1:2 - Joint start
Joint start applies to all participating teams. It is not permitted to go to another place where the boat is located and start fishing there or to pick up the boat and "trail" after the start and go to other water than the day's competition water. This is because "equal for all" is the rule that applies.

2. Sub-competition

2:1 - Total length is calculated on the 5 longest perches

The 5 longest perches will count towards the final score for a team. If the team catches more than that, only the five longest still count towards the total length.

If two or more teams have the same total length at the end of the competition, the longest registered perch will act as "kicker fish", i.e. the team with the longest perch wins. This can be repeated until it is possible to distinguish between the layers.


2.2 – Controllers
The organizer has the right to provide inspectors for each sub-competition, the organizer also has the authority to place the inspectors in boats of their choice during the competition day.

If a team has an inspector in their boat, they must be prepared to be interviewed and photographed. The material will be used for marketing purposes for the Swedish Perch Tournament.

3. Cup & points

3:1 - Cup

The cup consists of 4 sub-competitions at different locations in Sweden.

3:2 - Cup win
The team with the most points after all competitions are completed wins that cup. At most, the teams can credit the collected points from 3 sub-competitions, which means that the highest possible score for the cup is a total of 60 points. * should more teams get the same points, see point 3.3A

3.3 - In the event of a tie after the end of the tour
Then the following steps apply according to steps A, B and C, see below:

A) In case of equal total points between two or more teams, the 4th part of the competition will be included in the final score. The obtained placement from the 4th heat will generate extra points for the final table. This is to reward all the participating teams who line up in all competitions.

B) If the points standings are still the same after 3.3 A, it will be distinguished by comparing the respective team's longest fish recorded in the cup. This can be repeated until it is possible to separate the layers.

C) If there are still equal points, there remains a "dot throw" according to the rules of the draw. Information is available if this moment occurs.

3:4 - Points
All teams participating in the sub-competitions receive at least 1 cup point. If a team is in all sub-competitions, the team receives at least 3 cup points (see point 3.2).

According to the table below, it is described how the points system is structured per sub-competition.

1st = 20 points
2nd = 17 points
3rd = 15 points
4th = 13 points
5th = 11 points
6th = 9 points
7th = 7 points
8th = 5 points
9th = 4 points
10th = 3 points
11th = 2 points
12th – 50th = 1 point

4. - Notification

4:1 - Notification

Registration is done under the "Registration" tab at www.spt.nu
When we have received your registration, information about payment and other information as well as your unique booking code will be sent. The booking code is then entered during the payment which takes place via swish (see point 4:7).

4:2 - Registration fee
Registration fee per team and competition is SEK 750.

4:3 - Teams and number of participants
Each team must have a boat and consist of between 2 and 3 members.

4:4 - All participants must be registered with their full and correct name
The name entered in the registration must correspond to the name on your ID card, as possible checks may be carried out by the competition management in connection with the competition day.

4:5 - Change of team name
Changing the team name is permitted until the team's first participation in the cup. Name changes may only take place once during the course of the cup.

4:6 – Change of participants
Before each sub-competition, one team member may be replaced. See according to the requirements below.


    2-man team: In a 2-person team, at least 1 person from the original registration must always participate.


    3-man team: In a 3-person team, at least 2 from the original registration must always participate.

4:7 - Payment
We only accept advance payment. Payment is made via swish: 123-1676808.
Don't forget to enter your booking code when paying, otherwise we can't process your payment!

After the payment has been completed and registered, a confirmation email will be sent to the specified email address that was entered when registering the team.

4:8 - Check-in before competition
The team registers at the check-in point on the day of the competition.
When the check-in is completed, it means that the team has accepted the competition rules., check-in times are 06:30-07:45.

Teams that have not checked in before 07:45 will be removed from the competition and may not participate.

5. - Photography

5:1 - Fishy Live competition app
All reporting takes place via the FISHY LIVE app. Two pictures are required for an approved report, a measuring picture of the fish and a posing picture.
The mobile phone camera is the only camera allowed during the competitions.

For information and link to the app use the following: https://www.fishy.nu/index.php/app

All participating teams MUST use the app for registration and participation in the Swedish Perch Tournament.

5:2 - Display of photos
The teams are responsible for ensuring that photos that have been registered for the sub-competition are available and must be presented if necessary after possible technical problems with the reporting, in the event of protests or where competing teams and competition management do not agree on the registered total length.

5:3 - Photographing catch
The fish must be photographed against the competition's measuring board, the image must follow these steps in order to be approved and registered:


    Pisces mouth should be clearly positioned towards 0 on the measuring board and the tail fin should be positioned towards the larger number


    When taking pictures, the entire measuring board must be visible.


    Only a hand may be placed on the fish when measuring, the fish's "color coverage" with respect to the stripes and fins must be clearly visible.


    Catches where the images cannot be verified will be removed from the competition.

5:4 - Image material
When you submit capture images, you give the organizer the right to use them for marketing purposes.


6. - Catches and reporting

6:1 - All catches must be catch & release

The fish must be returned to the water immediately after the measurement and photography have been completed, in order to expose the fish to the least possible stress. We prefer to see that rubber netting is also used.


6:2 - Minimum limit is 25 cm
Fish under 25cm are not competition fish, so hunt larger ones.

6:3 - The fish are measured in whole cm
We do not accept half centimeters, only full centimeters. The tail fin must touch the line to count up. It is allowed to hold the tail fin together.


7. - Permitted fishing methods

7:1 - Only spin & reel is allowed
We do not allow live or dead bait, angling, trolling or long lines. Drifting is only permitted with a spinning reel.

7:2 - Only one active rod per participant
You may of course bring several rods with you, but you may only use one at a time.

7.3 Fish pond
It is allowed to "swamp" the fish during the competitions. This is to minimize stress on the fish and keep it calm. However, the fish may only be swamped for one hour.

8. - Security

8:1 - All participation is at your own risk

The organizer is not responsible for accidents and damage to persons and equipment that may befall the participants during the competition and in connection with the competition, this also includes 3rd parties. By checking in, the team captain approves this on behalf of his team.

8:2 - Sobriety
All participants must be sober during all stages of the competition. Participants who act intoxicated will be questioned and may cause the entire team to be disqualified. Decisions are made on the spot the same day.

8:3 - Self-control
Mobile phones and security equipment must be checked yourself. Non-approved safety equipment will result in the team not being allowed to participate in the competition, so be careful with the equipment.

8:4 - Buoyancy garments
A functioning life jacket or life suit must be worn throughout the competition. When disembarking, it is fine to take this off. All flotation garments must be shown to the competition management before the start. If a team member does not wear a flotation device or equivalent, the entire team is disqualified.

8:5 - Death grip
On the engines that have this, the team is responsible that this works and is used during the competition.

8:6 - The distance between the boats
The distance between the boats must be at least 2 cast lengths, approximately 40-50 meters. So respect each other out on the water. In the event of a problem or conflict regarding this point, rule 1:1 applies.

9. Schedule & times

9:1 - Gathering and start

Collection and start of the competition takes place at the appointed time and place for the current sub-competition. Registration of teams must take place no later than 07:40 on site to the competition management.

The captain's meeting takes place at 07:45, where the race management informs about the necessary information.


Joint start is 08:00 and then all boats must be in the competition water. The race management wants boats with the biggest engines to place at the front. This is to minimize the risk that the water will be crowded and that there will be many overtakings in a short distance in connection with the start.

9:2 - Award ceremony
The prize distribution takes place immediately after the competition is finished and compiled approx. 4:45 p.m.
In connection with the COVID-19 pandemic, the organizer has the opportunity to inform participating teams about placements via the website www.spt.nu.
This is to reduce crowds and spread.


9.3 – Dispensation at the finish line¨

Unforeseen incidents may occur during the course of the competition. If this occurs, the competition management must be informed immediately and each case will be assessed individually. An approval is required by the competition management, otherwise the rule "9:4 - End & late arrival" is applied

9:4 – End of the sub-competition & late arrival
The competition is over at 16:00, all boats must be back at the finish line and inform the race management about this.

Boats arriving after 16:00 will be penalized. Every minute past 4:00 PM will result in a dropped placement. Example: 10 minutes late = 10 lost places in the competition.

9:5 - Test fishing before competition
Feel free to test fish before the competition. We have no prohibitions against it. Fishing is fun.

10. Miscellaneous

10:1 - Profit tax

Any winning tax is paid by the winner.

10:2 - No refund
The payment is binding and non-refundable.

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