New big pikes in the Swedish Ice Pike Open!

New big pikes in the Swedish Ice Pike Open! One of the teams that usually fish well in SPERO is Micke Snabel and Andy Lo Team One of the favorite teams and they continue to do so!

This pike of 111 cm now gives the team a total of 343 cm, but that in only three fished, two left to full paper. At the top we still have Team Vikapojkarna with Kalle Matsson, Anton Johansson and Mattias Heens at a fine 589 cm. You can find the full list of results here! Now the weekend's fishing awaits, there is guaranteed to be a nice pike here and there. Good fishing everyone!

Do you and your team also want to compete? All reporting of fish takes place via the app Fishy Live and the competition can be followed continuously or in the app if you participate from December 1st! Read the rules carefully, we set high standards ice safety and management of the fish during winter fishing. The main sponsor for SIPO 2022 is IFISHRegister your team here

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